Passive Infra-Red Detectors (PIR's) provide 'space protection' and are designed to detect the heat movement of a person. The technology ranges from standard PIR's to 360 degree, long range, wide angle, curtain-type and pet-immune PIR's. Some are weather resistant for outdoor installations. PIR's can also have built-in Microwave sensors, also known as 'Dual-techs'. These are usually installed in harsher environments like roof spaces, garages, or workshops. The combined technology of Microwave & Infra-red reduces the risk of false alarms by not only detecting heat movement, but by detecting the movement of a solid object.

Some PIR's have anti-mask technology to detect when the view has been blocked. Anti-mask PIR's are effective for detecting if the unit has been spray-painted in preparation for a burglary.

Combined PIR, Microwave & Anti-mask are often referred to as 'Tri-techs' and provide maximum security with minimum risk of false alarms.

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